Whitelabel - Overview

OptKit allows you to run the entire Dashboard under your own domain, with your company name and logo as the branding. You must be a paying customer to use this featuure.

Access your White Label settings by going to your Account page.

# Logo URL

Set your logo to a custom image on your own servers. Please use an image that is approximately 150 pixels wide, and 50 pixels tall.
* Will replace the OptKit branding in the navigation.
* Example: https://example.com/img/logo.png

# Branded URLs

You can use this feature without buying a new domain. Try using a subdomain of your site. You must register each unique domain that you'd like to run your White Labeled version of OptKit.

You will need to point this domain or subdomain to our servers by creating a CNAME record in the DNS settings of your DNS provider. This is often your web host or domain registration company. The record should point to whitelabel.optkit.com

* Examples: domain.com, sub.domain.com,